We at Aluminium Connection understand that sometimes a project house may not always come with the finishes one desires and more often than not the thought of having to demolish and re-construct certain elements to accommodate new modern changes are somewhat daunting.

That is why we at Aluminium Connection offer a unique service to our clients in which we replace your old wooden or steel window frames and replace them with brand new aluminium frames with out the hassles of construction and construction workers.

This simple process ensure that there is:

  • No Demolishing
  • No Painting
  • No Tiling
  • No Plastering
  • No Headaches

The video below showcases our method on a very high level but it showcases the possibilities around our technique and the simplicity attributed to this process. What would ordinarily take contractors a week or two to complete, we can have this done within a day with zero headaches and added pressure to your daily life.